With 30 years of real estate experience, Shlomo Fellus is an expert in the field of real estate.  Shlomo’s well-rounded knowledge of the industry makes him an expert at identifying opportunities, negotiating deals, and managing projects from inception to completion.  Shlomo and his team of dedicated professionals have an extensive portfolio of luxury apartment and commercial buildings.  The Fellus Group brings value to its customers, shortens the sales cycle, and increases profits to Shareholders & Investors.


The Fellus Group has a proven track record of turning profits on investments.  Shlomo & his team identify opportunities and fix up properties in order to increase value.  The Fellus Group’s ability to analyze market conditions, supply and demand, and world economic conditions allow them to time their investments and ensure successful exits.  Shlomo’s extensive experience as a project manager and broker allows him to attack all sides of the industry and make educated investments with substantial ROI’s.


The Fellus Group is dedicated to it’s clients and treats every relationship as a strategic partnership that is beneficial to all.  Shlomo Fellus negotiates deal with preferred interest and equity in a deal.  The Fellus Group has a two-pronged approach to investing allow them to be flexible when it comes to identifying opportunities.  The Feluss Group engages in both Long Term Investments & Short Term Investments.  Abiding by best practices and taking calculated risks, The Fellus Group is dedicated to both its clients and the bottom line.

Meet Shlomo

  • Shlomo Fellus, a real estate broker, founder and CEO of The Fellus Group has over 30 years of experience in real estate and investing.
  • Shlomo is a professional when it comes to real estate sales servicing both buyers & sellers.
  • Shlomo is an expert at sourcing real estate opportunities such as luxury high rise buildings, low rise condominium developments, and distressed single family homes.
  • Shlomo has a proven track record acquiring luxury condominiums as well as multi-family units and creating additional value on his properties.
  • Shlomo was involved in sourcing a $250,000,000 build in London in 2015 for Crescent Heights called The Vintners.
  • Shlomo has a 5 star rating on Zillow! Check out Shlomo’s profile for more information here!
Shlomo Fellus

1985 - 1988 Condominium Conversion, Project Manager

  • Sherman Way Condos – North Hollywood, CA – 14 units sold and closed
  • Moorpark Condominiums – Sherman Oaks, CA – 17 units sold and closed
  • Whittest Condominiums – North Hollywood, CA – 11 units sold and closed
  • La-Maida Condominiums – Sherman Oaks, CA – 9 units sold and closed
  • Tujunga Condomiiums – North Hollywood, CA – 6 units sold and closed
  • Morrison Condominiums – North Hollywood, CA – 18 units sold and closed
  • Burbank Condominiums – North Hollywood, CA – 16 units sold and closed

1988 - 1996 Condominium Conversion, Principal

  • Burnside Condominiums – Los Angeles, CA – 13 units sold and closed
  • Arminta Town Homes – North Hollywood, CA – 13 units sold and closed
  • Huston Condominiums – Valley Village, CA – 20 units sold and closed
  • Denny Ave Condominiums – North Hollywood, CA – sold and closed
  • Burbank Town Homes – North Hollywood, CA – 12 units sold and closed
  • Burbank Manor Condos – North Hollywood, CA – sold and closed
  • Octagon Towers – Miami Beach, CA – 117 units sold and closed


Sold Properties


  • Our partners achieve their financial and life goals with the Fellus Team due to our ongoing commitment to maximize their investment dollars. Our commitment begins with a detailed and trusted acquisition process overseen by the managing partners.  The commitment continues through our thorough and consistent evaluation of each property and its progress. Finally, through close monitoring, the ongoing success of the acquisition and sale of properties is ensured by careful and deliberate operations.
  •  Whether it is underwriting, acquisition, market analysis, development, or asset management processes, our principals personally supervise every step so that the Fellus Team continues to fulfill the expectations of our partners.
  • Making sound real estate investment decisions come from 28 Years Experience and knowing the market place, building strong relationships in the community, and having the right combination of experience and ability to recognize opportunities, anticipate conditions, and create value in every situation.
  • The Fellus Team acquires well located, under-performing assets and applies market insight and decisive action to generate increased returns for our partners.  The Fellus Team’s relationship-oriented approach ensures a firm commitment to outstanding service in a professional environment while maintaining the maximum return on investment.
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