Short Term Investments

What is a Short Term Investment?

The Fellus Group has a well-balanced portfolio ranging from commercial buildings, apartment buildings, condominiums , for Investors who are looking to to make meduim to long term investment . We also offer Fix & Flip Investment where we identify key opportunities to obtain distress residential properties which are are perfect for investors who are new to real estate , and who are looking for short term investment.

Fix and Flip

The Fellus Group has a over 30 years of experience Identifying opportunities value add income properties , some with potential for condo conversion as an exit.

Our team of dedicated professionals constantly researches the current market condition and identifies areas that offer Real Estate properties Acquisitions with value add . The Fellus Group works with the best contractors insuring that renovations are cost effective, done in a timely manner, and of the best quality.


Buying at court steps action for fix and flip is an incredible strategy for identifying discounted And or distressed real estate properties with a value that are much below the market value.

The Fellus Group is expert at locating Real Estate Properties with high investment potential and have a trusted network to present findings. The Fellus Group believes that now is the perfect time to get back into auction acquisitions These short term investments have potential for big gain and we use the most reliable sources to make informed decisions at auction.

Fix & Flip

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