Medium Term Investments

What is a Medium Investment

Medium Investments are for seasoned investors looking for a great balance between time commitment & return on investment.  Medium Investments typically last 2-3 years and are focused on the residential market.

Value-Add Multi-Family Rental

Our team of professionals has decades of experience handling value-add investments.  A value-add investment is one where we hold onto an investment in order to execute our plan of renovating and repositioning a property.  Leasing is a critical component of any value-added strategy and our team of brokerage team has the experience to market effectively, attract strong tenants, and negotiate competitively to get the best deals at the time of disposition.

A value-added approach is typically a 5-7 year investment, therefor we partner with only the best in order to make meaningful investments with big results!

Condo Conversion

As the Principal on several large scale projects, Shlomo oversaw both the creation and conversion of multi-million dollar buildings.  With relevant experience as a Project Manager Shlomo complements his skills as an investor with the ability to lead a team.  Over the years, Shlomo has not only overseen the creation of buildings from the ground up but managed the conversion of existing buildings.

In a conversion strategy, Shlomo & his team will identify a building with great potential and convert it into a livable space with many condos.  Once the building is successfully converted the building is sold a single property or as individual rent-able units.

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