Dedicated </br> Investments

What is a Dedicated Investment?

Dedicated investments are designed for those with experience in real estate.  Teaming up with The Fellus Group means combining resources and knowledge to make meaningful investments that yield big results. A dedicated investment can last anywhere between 3 to 5 years.  We do our due-diligence, we combine our experience with market research to find exciting opportunities all around the country.

Ground-Up Development

Ground-Up Development is for experienced investors looking to make a long-term investment with big rewards.  In a Ground-Up approach, we find the land, build the building, and either sell the building whole or in units.  Shlomo is an expert at managing and overseeing projects form inception to completion.  As the Project Manager for Crescent Heights, Shlomo has the well-rounded experience and knowledge to oversee a project of this scale.

Ground-Up Development is an approach for a experienced investors and can last anywhere between 3-5 years.  We focus on urban communities with entitled land to build.  If necessary, we have the technical know-how to take an un-entitled piece of land and title it and flip it.  With multiple exit strategies we are well equipped to take on large scale projects.   By partnering with The Fellus Group you can be ease knowing you’re in great hands!

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